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Floatation Therapy For Pain Relief…

As a recent patient of multiple grueling surgeries I was blown away but how much relief I could feel with no medicine. I was shuffled from one doctor to the next, all of which operated and prescribed and continued to assure me that I would always experience some type of pain for the rest of my life. But after 60 minutes of free floating I know there is hope and booked my 2nd float immediately after my first. I recommend this to anyone seeking better mental and physical health! This changes lives.

—Fernando Coelho, June 19, 2014
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Floatation Therapy For Stress Relief…

This is by far the most relaxing thing I have done in my life. No massage has ever come close to the level of serenity afforded by these flotation tanks. If everyone in our world would experience the deep state of peace provided by this experience, our world would be a much better place. Mind, Body and Spirit...What a way to keep the balance. The staff at Serene Dreams are very friendly, the location is also very clean and the private rooms are warm and inviting. I highly recommend.

—Luis C., May 13, 2014
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