How it all started…

The idea for Serene Dreams came in 2010 when co-owner James Saad stumbled across isolation tank therapy (also called floatation therapy) while studying at Oxford University in the UK.

Initially it took a while to get my brain to shut down and just relax. Once I did the sense of weightlessness was like flying and when it was over I felt amazing. My muscles were relaxed and I was refreshed. I slept incredibly well that night and the effects lasted for several days. My brother, Nadim who is a dentist in Kearny, has some lower back and leg issues so I immediately called him and told him to try it. Unfortunately, there are no floatation centers in New Jersey. So when my brother came to visit me, I took him to Floatworks in London. Once he tried it, he agreed we had to find a way to bring it back home. And just like that, the dream was born. —James Saad, co-owner

Float tanks were ordered…

The concept of floating and sensory deprivation therapy has been around for awhile, so there were several types of isolation tanks available for our new Serene Dreams float center. But we knew we didn’t want the old-style “coffin” types. We settled on the i-sopod brand of isolation tanks: modern, beautiful, equipped with custom lighting and music options, draught-free, with built-in advanced filtering technology and spacious interiors. In addition, the float tanks had received rave reviews in prominent publications, including, among others, Elle Magazine, The Independent, The Sunday Times and Harpers and Queen.

“I felt like a new person – totally serene, relaxed and without a care in the world” —Elle Magazine

“Practically everyone who tries it feels the benefits. Take it from a hardened cynic–Floatation works.” —The Independent

Our Kearny, NJ location was chosen…

The location for our new float center was chosen next to Nadim’s already successful dental practice, Dental Comfort Associates, at 537 Kearny Ave in Kearny, New Jersey. The location had been the former office of their father. Construction began and Serene Dreams joined the Kearny Urban Enterprise Zone (KUEZ). Our new float center was featured in Kearny Magazine:

Feeling stressed? Lose yourself in complete relaxation at Serene Dreams, LLC, the area’s first flotation center featuring the latest technology in isolation chambers. Popular on the west coast and in Europe, flotation therapy is a buoyancy body trip allowing clients to reach levels of relaxation seen in deep meditation. —Kearny Magazine

Serene Dreams Had Their Grand Opening August 1, 2013…

After a special Preview Week, our floatation therapy center opened with great fanfare on August 1, 2013. The initial customer reviews were incredible and they keep pouring in via our online booking system. New floaters reported a myriad of float therapy benefits, including stress and pain relief.

Relaxing and Clean. Brand new top of the line equipment providing a relaxing experience everyone should experience in life. I highly recommend trying Flotation and Deprivation benefits for meditation and emotional thought processing. Serene Dreams gets an A+ across the board. -Brian C., 8/12/13,

Fantastic! Awesome place and service! Got relief from pain which was killing me for 6 months! I couldn’t believe it! Awesome Experience! —Irina T, 7/30/2013

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